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25 Dec 2009: I will stop updating this site, and will just use it as an archive. I will be using my blog as my website.

25 Dec 2009: Added my card designs for 2009.

20 Dec 2008: Added my card designs for 2008.

28 Dec 2007: Added my card designs for 2007.

2 Jul 2007: I am changing to blog format for my boardgame section too. So in future I will just write about my boardgame hobby at my new boardgame blog, http://hiewandboardgames.blogspot.com. My website here will be used to keep more permanent information or archive information.

7 Jan 2007: I have chosen a selection of photos of Shee Yun from Oct 2005 to Dec 2006.

1 Jan 2007: My 2nd daughter was born on 21 Dec 2006. See my blog for photos. I have also uploaded the birthday card designs for 2006. The theme for 2006 is great inventions, and the theme character is Shee Yun.

24 Oct 2006: Shee Yun is 1 year and 7 months old. I've added some new photos, but some have been posted at my blog.

9 Sep 2006: Shee Yun is one and a half years old now. Now these new entries about Shee Yun at my website will just be compilations of entries that I have posted at my blog. But there will be new photos I post here.

15 Jul 2006: Shee Yun is 1 year and 4 months old now. She is active and playful and adventurous.

9 Jun 2006: Shee Yun is 1 year and 3 months old now. She can walk quite well now, but still does not want to talk our language yet.

6 Jun 2006: I started a blog at http://hiewchoksien.blogspot.com, so that I can publish what I write about Shee Yun more often, as opposed to once very one or two months at this website. But I will still be publishing to this website in bulk now and then.

29 Apr 2006: Shee Yun is learning to walk now. The record so far is 4 steps unsupported. She is also quite talkative (i.e. noisy) now.

26 Mar 2006: Shee Yun is 1 year old now. We had a small birthday party on Sat 4 Mar 2006. She can talk a lot of baby talk sometimes, and she talks like she understands what she's talking about.

8 Mar 2005: My daughter was born on Monday 7 March 2005.

6 May 2004: Photos of Dan Shui (淡水) taken on 6 May 2004 and also on a previous visit.

My blog. I will write mainly about Shee Yun and Chen Rui. And some tit bits from my daily life.

My boardgame blog. I dont't think I will be writing very frequently. Probably around once a month.

My daughter Shee Yun:

My boardgame hobby
(last updated: 2 Jul 2007)

My drawings (greeting cards):

My wedding photos taken on 30 July 2001. I really like them so I'm going to keep them here for a while. :-)